Meet The Tiguan R It Has 3000+hp

The Tiguan is the next Volkswagen to get Volkswagen's R works

Once upon a time there was just the Golf R, you now have a few hot R vehicles there is this, Volkswagen's new Tiguan R. Get used to it, car owners, due to the fact that it is not going to stop soon.

VW Tiguan R

Tiguan R has been based upon the gen two unit is very close to in spec to the Arteon R which was announced not long ago. This means that there is the Evo 4 version of VW Group’s grunty 2.0-litre turbocharged motor hiding beneath the hood, which produces 316bhp as well as 310lb ft of torque in this current tune. This power is directed to all four wheels, and VW's new R-Performance Torque Vectoring setup can split power between the front- and rear axles as well as in between the right and left rear wheels, thus providing more traction through corners.
Sitting some 10mm lower than its standard model its 21 inch “Estoril” wheels hide large 18-inch anchors. And, you are able to spec an sports exhaust like on the T-Roc R package.

The Volkswagen Tiguan R Snow Modes

Several driving modes such as: Sport, Race, Individual, Offroad, Snow, Comfort, & Offroad Individual driving modes and, as with VW's Arteon, there is a tiny R button on the Tiguan R's steering wheel takes the driver straight to the hardcore setting.

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